Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


• This Agreement sets out the tariffs, services and warranties between the Buyer and the Aldayfe Online Store.




aldayfe  store owns this site and any contract you make inside the site will be with the aldayfe store, and entry to the site is linked to the terms and conditions in it.

• Any use of the Site, including making a purchase, will be subject to the Terms and Conditions.

• If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, send an email to

• info@aldayfe-dates.com or call Customer Service at 966539076030




• Website: is the aldayfe store and the website address is

• https://aldayfe-dates.com/

• Buyer: is the person who placed the order through his account on the site.

• Shipping company / carrier: It is the company that carries out the process of transporting goods from one place to another.

• Delivery: The period during which the goods are shipped to the customer.

• The policy: is the number under which he receives his goods from the shipping company.

• Working days: They are the working days of the week, which are from Sunday to Thursday (which are the days for the work of the store and carrier companies).

• Content: means all content available on the website, such as images, logos and photographs.


Site services  :

aldayfe  store offers the service of selling date products and their derivatives online. When the customer requests any of the products available on the site, the aldayfe  store will prepare and ship it to the customer's city or to the address that he records by himself in the shipping box.


Aldayfe Store Guarantees


1- Aldayfe Dates Store is obligated to secure the products required by the buyer and available in the store and specified, and the products are prepared for the customer within a maximum period of 72 hours (except for Friday and official holidays).

2- aldayfe  store has the right to act in the cases in which the customer does not respond to the aldayfe  store staff or respond to the messages received from him, so that these cases urgently need the buyer’s opinion, and the delay in processing these cases will harm the aldayfe  store, or delay shipping The request is for the customer, and the customer bears full responsibility in this, and the customer must follow up on his request, follow up on his phone and e-mail, and respond to the aldayfe store’s calls and messages.

3- aldayfe  store has the right to change the status of the order to “completed” after 30 days of shipment, and in the event that we were unable to track the shipment path, or the customer did not receive the shipment from the carrier for any reason.


Not under the Warranty and Liability of aldayfe  Store:


1- aldayfe  store does not bear the delay in shipping companies, and the buyer must follow up the shipment via the shipment tracking number, which will be provided to the buyer on his email registered on the site or through a message to the customer’s mobile phone registered on the site.

2- aldayfe  store is not responsible for the error written in the shipping address, nor is it responsible if the address is missing, and the shipping company's error in routing the shipment.

3 - aldayfe website does not bear the error in the buyer’s assessment of the commodity to be purchased, as if he thinks it is something and it is something else, as long as the commodity has arrived as it was displayed in the store.

4 – aldayfe  store releases its responsibility from the order as soon as the carrier receives, and the responsibility passes to the company, and what happens to the order in terms of damage, loss, delay or change in the quality of the product due to the shipping company or the customer’s delay in receiving the order, or customs fees for international shipping, and has the right to Claiming the shipping company for compensation when this happens, and aldayfe store is ready to provide all administrative advice and assistance to the customer in ensuring his right.

5- The website of aldayfe store has the right to change this agreement without notice, and the change is valid on all orders, except for orders that have been approved and paid for, they are valid on the agreement before it is modified.


Client's rights and obligations:


1- The customer has the right to cancel the order before the order status is “shipped” without any reason, and he must notify the site to cancel the order via customer service 0539076030 or aldayfe  store’s email.

2- The customer bears the responsibility for choosing the product and the customer must make sure that the products listed in the order are exactly what he wants.

3- The customer has the right to demand the bill of lading number issued by the carrier to the address specified in the request.

4- All correspondence about purchase, payment, etc. is done through aldayfe store, and requests or correspondence made outside the site are not accepted.

5- The customer, after his request has turned into a status (in progress), is not entitled to request any change to his request, except with the approval of the aldayfe  store and he will take the appropriate action for that.

6- The customer must put the product in an appropriate cooling degree for the product and not expose it to direct light, moisture or air entering the product so as not to change the quality of the product. In the event of this happening, the store is not responsible.

7- Your use of the site means your acceptance and commitment to all the terms of this agreement.


Aldayfe store registration


• You agree that the personal information you provide to us when registering as a customer is true, current and complete, and in particular, you agree not to impersonate, another entity, or incorrect name, or which you are not authorized to use.

• You agree to notify us directly in the event of any change in your personal information, by contacting Customer Service at 966539076030




• You agree to indemnify us in full for damages, losses, costs and expenses including legal fees arising from your breach of the Terms, or any liability that may arise through your use of the Site, or through someone else's use of the Site by accessing your personal account or private information.

Technical steps for concluding the contract between you and us:

• You choose the product or products you ordered on the website, by choosing to complete the payment on the payment page when completing your purchase.

• You will be directed to the website through some simple steps

• Your shipment will be delivered to you according to the method you chose on the checkout page on the website.

• We will send you a message of receipt of the request, and this message is not a confirmation of the request nor an approval of it, and the confirmation of the request is done after reviewing it.

paying off

• The value of your order will be the product price in addition to the delivery value. All cards and accounts are subject to a validation process and authorization from the card issuer. If the card issuer refuses for any reason to authorize the payment process to us, we will not be held responsible for any delay.

The rejection of your application may relate to one of the following:

• The goods are out of stock allocated to the store.

• We failed to obtain adequate permissions to entitle you to cash.

• Your inability to meet the eligibility required for the application as described in the conditions, and if there are any problems in your application, you will be contacted through customer service as soon as possible

• We will take care of keeping your order details and payment information secure, but in the event of negligence on our part, we cannot be held responsible for any losses you may incur if a third party ensures that access information is hacked into any data you provide to us.

Ownership rights and transfer of images

All images and content on aldayfe  store website are owned by the store and may not be copied or transferred without written permission from aldayfe store directly through one of the communication channels.