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Al-Dayfe Dates Factory  is one of the leading factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the industries and storage of dates

Aldayfe Dates Factory is one of the leading Saudi factories in the field of dates industries and storage, and one of the Deif Holding companies, which includes Al Deif Agricultural Investment Company, Thimarat Al Deif Company, Al Deif Cooling and Freezing Company, Al Deif Farms Company for Food Production, Al Deif Real Estate Investments Company and Salsabil Al Deif Company. Al-Bukairiya in the Qassim region, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It includes a group of quality and production management engineers, a food safety engineer and quality supervisors with a team of maintenance engineers and experienced technicians. Processing, manufacturing, storage, packaging and packaging of dates are carried out according to the highest international standards and using the latest technologies. The field of quality management systems, food manufacturing and environmental safety (ISO 9001: 2015 - ISO 22000: 2005 - ISO 14001: 2015). The factory receives all types of dates to be manufactured from all over the Kingdom according to manufacturing standards and specifications at competitive prices and quality. The factory consists of the receiving area, initial storage, sorting, grading and polishing hall, production and manufacturing hall, dough hall, finished product warehouses and packaging warehouses, in addition to the women’s section. The manufacturing stages can be summarized as follows: The process of receiving dates begins in the receiving area, where the raw dates received are examined by the receiving committee, and after the committee accepts the dates, the weighing and inventory procedures and the documentary cycle procedures begin to preserve the rights of customers by requesting the manufacture of dates and giving an order number that begins with it since its raw receipt Until receiving a final product, then the initial storage process until manufacturing, with a report attached that the dates are free from infection and impurities.

After that, the sorting, grading and polishing hall: dates are graded according to the required sizes up to 5 degrees using the sorting lines. Not good and finally polishing dates: It is done without water using polishing machines using rotating brushes. Then the dates move to the dates packing and processing hall: where the transportation of raw dates starts from the initial storage, and the dates inspection processes begin by the quality controller to ensure the quality of the dates and their suitability for manufacturing and their conformity with the manufacturing request. They are free from dust and impurities, then pass through the manual sorting process to remove the defective dates, then the dates move to the washing and drying stage, and then to the oven stage, which is operated by setting a certain temperature according to the quality control and line technician in proportion to the quality and condition of the dates, after leaving the oven The process of filling dates begins in the plastic molds formed by the machine and placing the appropriate amount of water electronically according to a specific size after the request of the quality engineer with the line technician. : 1 kg , 005 grams , 053 grams , 052 grams , 001 grams , 05 grams , 3 tablets in a variety of packages all the way to the packaging of a single piece , then the process of printing the operational code and Expiry date, production, weight and labeling of the product, then the process of cutting the packages, and the process of quality control is carried out on the package in terms of packaging, weight and shape before packing the carton. After that, the product becomes ready to be transferred to the final product’s refrigerated warehouse. The quality controller withdraws samples and gives a validity stamp for the corresponding orders in the product warehouse. The final dates are saved until they are received from the customer. Dates are automatically packed and packaged in plastic containers through which air is withdrawn and replaced with nitrogen to increase the validity and safety of the final product, and there is also packing in cartons or plastic containers and wrapping them by shrinking, removing cores and stuffing almonds, and it is done according to the latest methods of removing cores and preserving the appearance of dates. Funneling, where the suppression of dates is removed manually and the appearance of dates is preserved. There is also a method of kneading dates using the latest dough lines to obtain a dough free of impurities, with a degree of smoothness and good moisture, in addition to manufacturing special mixtures for customers, manufacturing and filling the maamoul and using integrated production lines to produce What is done from manufacturing to packaging in different shapes and flavors to suit all tastes and packing dried figs and dates, and  there is an integr